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Current Replies for trainers they scam
9/30/2008 8:19:12 AM
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Who like to know what the real deal is with professional dog trainers? do you think there all that or is it a big scam and they are what they say they are.its not rocket science to train a dog ,gut you need to understand the dog and fit the program to him.

This crap of washing dogs and telling clients there dog is no good or cant learn is from there lack of training.How many poeple do you know that said there dog failed obedience school,there is no reason why the average dog cant be trained off leash in 12 weeks.
9/30/2008 2:24:47 PM
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Must be nice to be an expert in you are.

Serena Galloway
IGCA rescue Colorado

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9/30/2008 4:16:59 PM
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"there is no reason why the average dog cant be trained off leash in 12 weeks."

LOLOL!!!! Try THAT with a Siberian!!!!!

Andrea Erickson
Kivalina....Quality Siberian Huskies and Polish Lowland Sheepdogs
Kivalina Website Design

You don't need eyes to see ... you need vision
9/30/2008 6:13:34 PM
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