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Current Replies for FOOD TESTS?
9/20/2008 5:05:03 AM
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I was visiting with a friend who has a 12 yr old dog who had been suffering with age related problems (if it wasnt one thing it was another). She recently (2mos ago) switched to a food called Laughing Dog. She raved about it, stating that her dog is doing much better now (and I have to admit, the old guy did look pretty good).
This brought up discussion of a problem which began recently with my 7 yr old dog.
She is very intelligent when it comes to dog nutrition, so when she recommended this food, it got me thinking. She gave me some of her food to try.
In speaking with another knowlegeable friend, she suggested a simple test to start with: soak the kibble in water. Check it after 4-6 hours for color, size, etc.
I did this test with the food my friend gave me. The kibble is very, very dark to start with (could this be high protein or better quality protein?) and after soaking for 6 hours, the kibble is waterlogged, but basically the same size (which I was told that the size of the kibble after being soaked was directly related to the quality of the food - the more it expands, the poorer the quality.)
Has anyone else tried this food or this test and what do you think? Do you think such a test is accurate?