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Current Replies for Any Pug Breeders? PLEASE HELP!!!
9/19/2008 7:55:22 AM
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3 days ago I went and got 3 Pugs. 2 females and a male. They were all bonded and could not be seperated. The male is 3 and the females are just over 2. I got them home and everything has been going well. Okay....
So last night I was rubbing one of the females tummy and clear fluid came out of one of her nipples. Checked the rest and the same. I called the lady I got them from only to find out that they had ALL been in a pen together for a while. I went to check the other female and she has a "pooch" on her belly. I already called the vet and they can't get me in for a week and a half. She is not so much showing, but she could look thick in the ribs, but not much. Both females have never been bred, but there nipples are big and dark. The lady said she had intended to breed them and had them tested for hips, eyes, and knees. All of them are the same size in weight. Now my question is is there anything else I can look for? She does pee quite a bit and is digging when she is on my bed and if she is laying on a blanket. but she doesn't look like she is about to pop or anything. We had no intention of breeding. We had a bonded pair of Pugs who died almost a year ago, which is why we got them. The vet said it is probably to late to spay her but is going to check the other one. He also sid if they were all in a pen together it is most likely not a false pregnancy. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. They have all been togehter since each was 3 months of age.
I guess my questions are if she has this fliud already shouldn't she look as though she is about to pop? Also I read on another site something about the pups dropping lower, but I don't think that has happened. Luckily I have a nice amount savings incase something goes wrong.
When I put my hand on her belly i fell all kinds oof things. But you can't really see it yet. Any advice??
9/19/2008 3:58:52 PM
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First off...i think this lady lied thro her teeth to you. I am guessing she knows the dog is probably pregnant, and she has probably been pregnant before.

I seriously doubt any of the health testing you mentioned was done, UNLESS she provided you with OFA paperwork to indicate it was done and what the results were.

Its really hard to know, but if she is bagged up, she might be closer than you think.

The former owner is going to be useless to you. My advice is find a vet and get her checked out, and book the other for spay and the male for neuter.

Serena Galloway
IGCA rescue Colorado

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