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Current Replies for Dog will only pee/poop on walks
9/17/2008 7:28:08 PM
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My wife and I recently adopted a two year old Shih-tzu. He is a sweet and loving dog, and is good at everything except going to the bathroom at the right time. At first, he was very good about going in our backyard (our preferred spot). However as we've neared the three week mark of having him, he has started to refuse going in the back yard. He absolutely loves walks around the neighborhood, and that is now the only time/place he will go. Obviously we are not able to walk him all the time, and we want him to learn that he needs to go in the back yard (especially before we go to bed, leave in the morning for work, etc.) Since he has started refusing to go in the back yard, he now pees in the house while we are at work. So the only times he will go now are on the floor and on walks. How do we teach him to go in our preferred spot in our fenced in back yard? We have tried giving him treats when he does go in the yard, but those times are becoming very few and far between. We fear that his last owners didn't have a back yard and the only time he could go was on walks. Does anyone have any ideas of how to break this behavior get him to go where we want him too??
9/18/2008 7:40:36 AM
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If he was going the first three weeks...he can do it now. There are a few things you can do. I would start by walking him on leash in the backyard. He's only out there to potty, period. NO play time outside at all until he learns he's out there to potty. You will learn which sniffing is for potty time and when he's just goofing off. If he's not potty sniffing give him the potty word you use and get him back to business. (You do need a "potty" command that you and your wife use consistently.) This isn't forever but until it is well established he is outside to potty. The minute he goes outside tell him he's wonderful and bring him inside and play with him. During training I don't think I would take him for his regular walks.

You just mentioned peeing inside but if he's doing the other I would pick it up and leave it in the area of the backyard you wish for him to go. Sometimes this helps, not always.

Lastly, He needs to be crated when you aren't at home. When you get home, he needs to be leashed and taken right out to your backyard to go. If you can be very consistent for the next few weeks you should be able to fix this. It's a training issue and right now he has you well trained Don't feel bad though, they all will try to train us, you just have to have the skills to fix the problem! You can do it, good luck!