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Current Replies for Anyone ever use Megestrol (Ovaban)
9/17/2008 12:52:07 PM
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I have a 4 year old lab female that I compete in field trials and use for waterfowl hunting. Trial season is starting and she is due to come in to heat soon. She is running good right now and don't want to miss the trial season. I was considering using Ovaban to supress the heat cycle. Has anyone here used this or mibelrone?
9/17/2008 4:50:06 PM
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All i can tell you is my experience was extremely negative. I had allowed one of my dogs to be contracted by a movie company to appear in a movie. I had said "IF" she comes in season you may put her on it. Their concept of that was, put her on it for the WHOLE 9 months she was with them. (its a long long long story)

The end result was a dog that was seriously ill with Auto Immune disorders brought on by extended use of Ovaban. She is 7 years old now, but we cannot vaccinate her, she was 1 major shy of her AKC title, and she is very prone to a resurgance of this problem at the slightest illness.

Serena Galloway
IGCA rescue Colorado

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9/18/2008 6:21:41 AM
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Thanks, This was not going to be a long term use just one to two months to get through the trial season. I have since decided to go with Miblerone. My Vet thinks it is much more consistant and if needed can be used for up to 2 years.
10/4/2008 6:23:08 AM
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Both drugs ovaban.. and mibelorone.. can have serious side effects.. so should only be used carefully..
Neither drug shoud be used on the first heat.. and with both BASELINE bloodwork BEFORE starting is very important!!!!!!!!

Mibelorne..cheque drops.. is not recommended in breeding dogs..BTW.. is a controlled substance.. and not in production so must be compounded..
but has the benifit that it preserves the uterus from the effects of progesterone.. DR hutch prefers this medication..
Down side is it has to be started at least 30 days before the start of the heat cycle.. and return to normal cycles can be variable.. liver function is effected...but generally does come back to normal when the drug is stopped.... increase in oil in the skin.. and behavior changes are considered normal...if the dog is bred effects on the pups is signifigant.. Most repro people do prefer this drug over ovaban..

Ovaban.. is easier to get.. started on within the first three days of a heat cycle.. used for 8 days.. most dogs go out of seaon within 4 days.. Long term use of this drug to supress heat cycles.. is a BAD IDEA on any breeding bitch because it is a synthetic progesterone like medication and has negitive effects on the uterus.. but use to put a dog out of season can be a option.. also bone marrow supression is a possiblity..can effect kidney or liver values..

Both drugs have a risk of screwing up a dog serious enough that they could never be bred.. or require a spay.. so one must really consider very carefully before using either.. Cheques can be a better option in most cases.. and seems to be a bit safer.. and preserve the uterus for future litters..but must be used long term.. ovaban is nice because you can wait.. and if the bitch goes into season start it then to supress the cycle..

Overall trying to change a dogs cycle with any drug can be the end of that bitch's health and or future breeding... truthfully I would get a appointment with a REPRO vet.. and discuss the options with them.. not to discount your regular vet... but experience in use.. and dosages that a repro vet has may be the better choice in your case..

Not much help for this season.. but one idea.. find a friend who has a bitch in season a couple of months before hunting season.. and keep the girls togeather.. often this will bring your girl in early.. so her cycle is reset to a better time of year.. and she will not come in during bird season .. Have the same problem.. BTW.. with my husbands hunting dog.. october is NOT a good time for her to be in heat.. my aussies come in that time.. pain in the butt for sure... no kidding most hunters want males