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Current Replies for dog is crying when pooping
9/17/2008 7:14:21 AM
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I have a 15lb neutered italian Greyhound mix who has been whimpering, which has turned into all out crying, as if in pain, when pooping. this started several months ago, maybe 6 months ago, infrequently. he's scared of lots of things so i thought it was more of the same when he would yelp and run away from his poop.

as it got more frequent and he seemed to be pained i started questioning it. Ive taken him to the vet recently and she took an xray that didn't indicate anything but per her suggestion i had him get an ultrasound. this showed that he was in good health. the vet said his anal glands were fine too and that his prostate was normal in size and health. she did say, upon first examination, that she thought she felt something enlarged just inside his anus. the subsequent tests didn't show anything.

the end result was a suggestion to get him on soft food only. i had previously had him on EVO small beef kibble. I used to put fish oil on top, which he enjoyed, and it seemed to temper the problem, but never solve it. he's outside a lot and should not be holding it in either, something i considered as the problem. his stool is solid to soft now and he's still crying. i feel like i've exhausted options and the vet seems pretty clueless at this point.

any thoughts are appreciated.

9/17/2008 4:45:22 PM
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Sounds like you did everything that i would have suggested and still nothing.

My advice....FIND another vet. Keep on the soft food.

Serena Galloway
IGCA rescue Colorado

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9/17/2008 6:08:56 PM
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Try adding canned pumpkin to his food- not the pumpkin pie mix but the straight pumpkin. For his size I would try a heaping teaspoon mixed in with his food.
9/17/2008 8:10:58 PM
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Have you tried pumpkin? I hear from other dog-people I know that it helps keep the bowels regulated. Some vets aren't quick to try more natural methods, so I'd also suggest another vet.
9/18/2008 1:27:53 PM
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This might sound gross, but does he get "stringers" when he poops and cries? As in, does a turd hang half in/half out or attatched to a swallowed piece of fabric or anything? I ask because my Irish Setter will sometimes yelp and cry frantically after going to the bathroom because the turd didn't quite make it all the way out. Sometimes I have to help him out He acts like he is in great pain when this happens, but mostly he is alarmed or scared.

Just a thought, sorry for the ickyness.