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Current Replies for 2 dogs 1 dog dies how do I get the other thru
9/16/2008 2:44:55 PM
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I have 2 dogs. One is 7yrs and the other is 1 1/2 yrs. They have been glued at the hip since they first saw each other. So much so that the little one has never been alone.The older dog passed away suddenly today.We are going to bury her in the woods behind the house tonight. The little one is looking for her and it is breaking my heart. How do they know another dog is gone? Should we take her with us when we bury our beloved friend tonight? I am at a loss with this one....
9/17/2008 8:28:33 AM
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So sorry to hear about your dog. First, I guess I would want to know why your 7 year old dog suddenly died. If for an unknown reason I would have a narcopsy done to make sure your other pet isn't at risk.

If you know the cause of death and it's safe for your other pet I would absolutely let the other dog sniff her friend. She will understand on some level. She is still going to be very sad and miss her but maybe not spend so much time looking for her. Pets grieve when they loose their person or friend. It takes time. If she is really sad for a long period she may benefit from a new friend. But wait until you are ready also.
9/17/2008 12:44:45 PM
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I agree. Pets grieve just like people. It takes time so try to be patient.