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Current Replies for Dog Plastic Surgery
9/12/2008 4:03:19 AM
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I just was wondering if anyone has ever found a vet who specializes in restorative or cosmetic surgery for dogs. Considering that I'm seeing more websites about pet diet and fitness, yes fitness, I was curious if any enterprising vet has decided to mirror human plastic surgery procedures on pets.

By the way, I'm a plastic surgeon myself who's the proud owner of German Shepherd who definitely does not need any help in the looks department.

<a href="">Shane Sheibani</a>
9/14/2008 4:42:14 PM
Posts: 97
There are vets who do restorative surgery especially after injuries- we periodically see a news account of a dog who needs their face rebuilt. With burns there is a need for skin grafting. Mostly you see these at the larger vet centers and university based practices. In dog showing it is not accepted to do any surgery which alters the appearance so very little in the way of cosmetics and dogs skin doesn't sag the way people do with age.
10/4/2008 6:31:01 AM
Posts: 137
Well not really.. I am sure there are some out there..
Heck there is a guy who sell fake testicles to give your fixed dog a more "masculine" look..

Also tail docking and ear cropping is strictly considered a cosmetic procedure in most cases.. and is done because of tradition.. or looks... I know there are arguments on this.. but the truth is a dog can live fine.. with a natural ear or tail in most cases..

Most true "plastic surgery" is aimed at actual correction of health issues or faults..
See Entropian surgery.. episoplasty.. facial fold surgery..

Not strictly for cosmetic reason.. no one has started offering Liposuction. or tummy tucks.. face lifts.. for looks only.. and honeslyy and current AVMA practice acts would prevent the ethics of such procedures..they would be considered inhumane... unless they where to correct a specific medical condition.. or be of benifit to prevent health issues..

10/7/2008 10:22:49 AM
Posts: 75
And thank goodness they are prohibited. Isn't it just like us humans to put our own insecurities onto our dogs, who just want to be fed, exercised, mentally stimulated, and loved?