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Current Replies for feeding pregnant mom
9/6/2008 3:16:23 PM
Posts: 73
Hello all,

I've gotten conflicting results as to what the best week is to start giving mom as much food as she wants. I don't think making her fat is healthy for her or her babies but her appetite is growing along with her belly. She is at 5 weeks. We give her 50% more food now. Do you think this is enough or should we just allow her to eat and eat until she is satiated? This is our first litter (although the litter isn't actually "ours") so while we have planned by the book, we don't have the experience of adjusting things for the individual mom without asking for some added advice. I greatly appreciate your time in responding.

9/6/2008 3:18:48 PM
Posts: 73
I should add, mom is normally 4 lbs at most and is a picky eater. She is now 5 lbs. with the pregnancy. Now that she is eating so eagerly, I want to start giving her as much as she wants. Some have told me to wait a week.

Thank you,
9/6/2008 6:16:57 PM
Posts: 137
If I gave one of my girls as much as they wanted, they would eat until they exploded. Having just gone through a food bloat (got into a food bin) with one of them, I know this!

About week 5 after I've had pregnancy confirmed, I gradually switch over to puppy formula kibble. I probably give about 25% more food in weeks 5 and 6, maybe 50% more in 7 and 8, maybe 75% more at the end but in more frequent smaller meals. After delivery, I feed double (or more) depending on how many she has to nurse.
9/7/2008 9:15:49 AM
Posts: 97
I have large breed dogs but I feed as much as they want AND pump up thier food as well the second half of the pregnancy. Not only are they switched to a puppy kibble but they also get 3 pounds of meat plus additives (yogurt, cheese, meat and rice etc) a day in addition. Same as after birth they get all the kibble they want plus several pounds of irrestibles as well. Anything leftover is then given to the other dogs so nothing is wasted.