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Current Replies for OFA ? re: New Lab pup
8/26/2008 4:59:15 PM
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Hi! I own 2 gorgeous, wonderful (spoiled! lol) English Labs & have a deposit down on a pup (same thing, male English Lab). I have done a ton of research & spoken to over about 6 breeders, in order to choose one (my old breeder retired), & I felt I found the "perfect litter". Mostly because they come from the same lineage (Rocheby) as my current 2 dogs.

BUT ... I just realized that the breeder I have a deposit down with for a yellow male - bred her female & she is OFA "Fair". Everything I have read says that a "fair" OFA rating "wasnt recommended for breeding". BUT, the Sire of this litter IS OFA "excellant". So, I'm wondering if the combination is ok? Or would you say its chancy?

My 11 yr old has elbow dysplasia since age 4 & pretty severe arthritis as well. He does ok (with accupunture, chiro & arthrisoothe gold) & i wouldnt change him for the world - but certainly I dont want to bring a puppy in who would have a significant obvious risk for these ailments.

Would the Bitches lineage of OFA make a difference either? To know that? If you could give me your feedback on this, I would be so appreciative~R
8/26/2008 5:42:51 PM
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There are enough labs out there...of GOOD quality...that you should be able to find a litter where both Sire/Dam have passed the OFA exams.

I would look to that instead.

Serena Galloway
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8/27/2008 5:20:50 AM
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<OFA "Fair". Everything I have read says that a "fair" OFA rating "wasnt recommended for breeding>
That actually is not true. Fair is not dysplasic. But you should never breed a fair to a fair. A fair to an excellant should be fine. I would be more worried about elbows than hips. Hopefully, she's doing elbows. Since this seems to be a problem in labs. The x-rays are looked at by 3 different vets & each gives their rating it is than averaged & that's how you get a rating. Excellant, good & fair are all OK. It has more to do with how well the bones fit together in the socket. You would probably not be able to tell the difference between any of the 3 ratings by looking the x-rays.
So, my opinion would be get info on elbows too or walk away.

8/27/2008 5:33:01 AM
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A fair rating is a passing grade just not the best. What is equally important is what are the ratings of her relatives? If she comes from a litter with known dysplastic littermates or has close relatives with dysplasia then the fair rating is not good for breeding. If however her relatives all have passing grades then it is just fine. My foundation bitch was just a fair and several generations later we have never had anything less than a good. But in determining whether or not to breed her I knew the ratings of her littermates her parents her grandparents and her great grandparents.
8/27/2008 11:23:21 AM
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Another thing I may add to further ease your mind is to ask for the OFA's of the grandparents, great-grandparents etc... The breeder should also have a good bit of information regarding what age, in general, the dogs in their pedigree are comfortably active.

OFA is a wonderful tool and should be used without a doubt. However, I have seen x-rays of the same dog, done by two different vets, look completely different. A vet can't make bad hips look good, but can make good hips x-ray poorly. See if the breeder has the dams x-rays and take a look for yourself. Carefully study the positioning. I've attached a link to a site that shows good and bad positioning. If the site isn't showing email me privately and I will forward it. I am in no way affiliated with this site! But it's a great tool and I refer to it often. I have even given it to my vet
8/27/2008 7:19:53 PM
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Fair IS a passing rating. As was stated, never breed fair to fair. There are many variables that factor into a OFA reading. For example, if the bitch was x-rayed close to being in season or after a litter the laxity of the hips can be different. Also a LOT depends on the positioning. I once had a Siberian that I co-owned, when the co-owner had her OFA's done she came back Fair. The entire litter was Excellent, so I had her re-done by my vet who was very experienced in positioning a dog correctly, the result? Excellent.

Also, check with the breeder on the history of the grandparents, etc.

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