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Current Replies for Help - My lab might be pregnant....
8/18/2008 11:33:11 PM
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Hi. We decided to breed our female lab for a number of reasons. First, we had a few lab breeders comment about how "good looking" of a lab she was re: her confirmation, etc. Our vet also affirmed this. Second, she has a good lineage on both sides. Third, she has an amazing temperment. Fourth, we had a ton of friends who wanted puppies if we did. So we decided to breed her---not with the intent to make money but with the intent to simply get some puppies who would go to loving homes as pets.

Fast forward---we found a male through our vets office. Again, another backyard type breeder---good looking registered male who has never been bred before. Our lab has always had pretty inconsistent and rare heats so detecting the right time to breed her was very difficult for me....especially since I am a complete novice. If I detected her heat properly she was placed with the male on days 8, 9, 10, and 12. The male never seemed really interested in her so I really thought it was a total failure and we had timed it all wrong.

Fast forward to now. Today would be day 54. We really thought the dogs never tied---so I really didn't think she was pregnant....but lately she has been eating like a horse---and she looks a lot thicker to me although there is a chance it could be my imagination. How thick/fat would my lab look if she were pregnant? Any other ways to figure out if she is pregnant? Do you have any advice? Thanks in advance---and thank you if you made it all of the way though this!

Blessings, joy
8/19/2008 5:29:44 AM
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First. Its conformation. IF you knew that your dog really WAS a good dog of the breed you would know that.

Second. Unless your vet is a long time Lab breeder....he would fall into the same catagory as most vets. "Not" qualified to determine if a dog is a good example of the breed.

Third. It also appears that not one of these "wonderful" breeders that advised you to breed your dog, seemed to have mentioned anything to you about doing health testing before you bred your dog.

Fourth. So explain to us all exactly how a "Back Yard Breeder" type of dog is a good example of the breed? What is your knowledge based on? Have you ever shown your dog? have you ever read your breeds standard?

Fifth. The number one WORST reason to breed your dog is because "All our friends want one!" Any idea how many Labs are in Shelters, or rescue groups RIGHT THIS moment beause of breeding choices just as irresponsible as yours? over 10,000 Most of them will die.

Sixth. IF you have no clue your dogs tied or not, you should NOT be breeding. IF she is not pregnant. get her spayed.

Seventh. Take your dog to your wonderful vet to figure out if she is pregnant or not...that IS part of what a vet is for.


Serena Galloway
IGCA rescue Colorado

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8/19/2008 6:00:44 AM
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First time momma dogs don't always show their pregnancy- Watch for developing mammary glands and nesting behavior. But your best bet is to have her xrayed- puppy skeletons will show up at this age. Only costs about $40 or so and well worth it.
8/19/2008 2:06:19 PM
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yes its not a good idea to breed a Labrador who has not had the hips and elbows certified by OFA and and eye CERF the puppies could have all kinds of problems..there is a blood test you can get to determine pregnancy but iof they did not tie ann you did not run progesterone shes probably not pregnant
8/21/2008 5:03:07 AM
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Best bet is take her to the vet.. and get a x-ray or ultrasound!!
No guessing there are other conditions that are serious that can mimic a pregnancy (pyometra) that can kill your dog..

Labs are VERY prone to birth problems.. either Not starting, having difficulty or a condiion called inertia.. So it is really important to one, know if she is.. and ideally how many pups to expect..

so a simple answer to your question.. Get her to a vet have her checked.. find out if she is pregnant..
If you did not see her tie.. and one would hope they where actually "Watched" during the attempts. then odds are she is NOT.. despite her behavior somthing else is going on.. perhaps a psudo pregnancy? but you would need again to see a vet..

you have to have a witness the breeding for the registration papers.. or they cannot be registered.. BTW.. if does happen to be pregnant.. and you did not witness.. she is you will need to DNA profile the litter.. Mom and Dad.. to confirm parentage.. Because you have no way to know who the dad was..