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Current Replies for Facination with metal...
8/15/2008 12:15:55 AM
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I own a Bluetick Coonhound.. He has this thing for metal.he will take my silver ware out sink & chew it. My other dogs collar,, now its the frame my bed is on.. He will walk along the frame licking it. If i go near it he growls. Anyone know what is causing this? What i can do to stop him?? I dont know alot about his background. I got him from a shelter.. He is 5 yrs old..Thank you, Bucksmom
8/18/2008 1:16:39 PM
Posts: 112
It sounds like a bit of OCD. You might talk to your vet/behavorist about this for help.

Another thing to consider is getting the dog into some type of tracking class/training. I know it can be hard for some police dogs to be trained to pick up metal objects because they don't like the feel of it. Your dog might be a pro as well as getting to use his natural instincts. Check around your dog training community and see if you can sign up for a class. It might be fun for both of you!
8/19/2008 9:06:45 PM
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Thank you for answering my post! I will check into classes.. Also talk to my vet.. Bucksmom
9/3/2008 7:18:12 PM
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Hi! I own Chihuahuas and 1 of my girls has this thing about licking metal & chews her tags up completly too. When i took them 4 their yearly shots i asked him about chiara's thing 4 metal.i was worried that it could hurt her.He assured me that it was ok that alot of pets do that and it wont hurt them its just a habit some gets. So far my chi is doing just fine.