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Current Replies for Dog not eating
8/8/2008 5:10:39 PM
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Hello. I am getting quite worried because my six-month-old German Shepherd female is not eating her meals. My husband and I have not switched food; we use a popular name-brand lamb & rice kibble. My 3 month old Yellow Lab is eating well; no problems there, it's just my Shepherd that is not eating. I have tried a few things - adding chicken and beef broth, water, etc. She simply will not eat. I am at wit's end with her. I have called the vet, and she told me that she will eat when she gets hungry enough. She ate a small amount of her food today; about 2 cups. Some days she eats more than that - the dogs are fed twice daily. My husband is more concerned because he feels that because she is thin, the ASPCA will show up at our door. I am so at wit's end, I am ready to rehome her. I know that sounds terrible, but every day is a battle to get her to eat, and I do have other pets that need my attention too; it is not fair to them. Please advise what I should do. I was told NOT to add "people food" to her kibble, as that will cause problems in the future. What can I do?