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Current Replies for Dog in pain,need help!!!
8/1/2008 3:30:13 PM
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I was taking care of my friend's dog while my friend was on a 2 weeks vacation. It is a 8 years old male Pomeranian. Everyday,I gave him little dog food in the afternoon (solid gold bison, cesar wet food),I boiled him some chicken,beef and vegetable such as brocoli & carrot (no bone)at night. Once in a while, i gave him few bite of fruits or bread, 1 dog milkbone biscut or 1 teeth bone to chew. I gave him 2-3 walks everyday. He was very happy during his stay!

He was normal and energetic yesterday until 3pm. He jumped and ran around the park. He poop around 12pm and can pee normally (didn't throw up). He ate the dinner but not as happy/energetic as usual. He didn't finish it. He looked weak and tired. When I picked him up, he cried and shaked. He also cried when he walks up the stair.Even thou he can walk, but seems like he dosen't have much energy. He didn't bump into anything and get injured. I don't know what is going on!

I tried to touch him around and see which part cause him the pain. All legs are fine. He is also alert! when I touch his left side around his intestine area while he was lying down, he cried and shake again. I put some water at my finger for him to lick.

I told his owner about it, and they brought him to the vet and the vet touch him around and didn't know what happen. The vet gave him a shot and some medication to take home. He is tired and sleeping all the time now.

Does anybody have that happen with their dog before? I need some ideas. I am very worry! Thanks!