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Current Replies for Breeding my dog
7/28/2008 5:18:40 PM
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I was wondering if anyone could help me. I am trying to breed my dog. He is a very handsome purebred Golden Retriever. I am really not interested in making any money. I am more interested in his health. He is not neutered and I feel so bad that he does not have, for lack of a better word, an "outlet."
Can anyone help me find someone who would be willing to help me breed my dog and potentially put me in contact, or even just send me in the right direction with advice on what types of people to contact?

Thank you everyone.
7/29/2008 6:17:41 AM
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You want to breed your dog...JUST so he can have sex??????

With all due respect that is without a doubt the STUPIDEST reason i have ever heard to consider breeding a dog.

HOW totally irresponsible.

Neuter him.

Serena Galloway
IGCA rescue Colorado

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7/29/2008 6:35:13 AM
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Neuter your dog and leave the breeding to those who are didicated to their dogs.
8/4/2008 6:15:06 PM
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In the wild, most males don't breed since only the alpha gets to breed. . . so there goes the health reason to breed.

Neuter your dog or give him a toy for goodness sake. Don't produce more Goldens to add to the already overwhelming surpluss of Goldens that no one wants.
8/6/2008 6:12:11 PM
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Saw an article about this, , and thought of this post. This may be just what you need.
8/11/2008 1:48:23 PM
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There are so many reasons not to breed any given dog that the list is endless. However, your reason is at the very top of any list you look at. Breeding of any living creature is a very labored endever to say the very least. My answer to you would be as follows, and I can only hope that you will take the time to answer truthfully to yourself before you undertake breeding your boy just because you feel sorry for him.

1. Is his confirmation what the breed standard for Goldens require
to be breed worthy?
2. Have you researched his pedigree to be sure of what is behind him?
In other words, have you research health problems, confirmation
problems, temperment problems? Just because your dog is healthy
doesn't mean he is worthy of being a stud. Have you had his sperm
count tested?
3. Have you studied what you are thinking of getting into? Talked
with your vet to find what problems could occur? Have you talked
with other breeders of the Golden Retriever breed?
4. Have you taken into concideration that the person that owns the
female you may breed doesn't know any more about it than you do?
Do they know about all the heart aches that can and DO come with
breeding their female? C-section, possible loss of their female
the chance of maybe having to hand raise part or all of the litter
because the female can't? Feeding every two hours, making sure
that the puppies elminate properly after every feeding, late night
runs to the vet for accidents, finding proper homes for the pups
to be sure they don't end up in a shelter or worse yet running
the streets uncared for? This list can go on and on.

I could continue with easily another 20 reasons why you should not breed your boy but the list would be so over whelming that I'm afraid you would stop reading it.
The wisest and most LOVING thing you can do for your boy is to have him neutered and just enjoy a long and happy life together.
Remember that regardless of how careful the most advanced breeder is that Mother Nature isn't always kind and giving. Why would you want to jump into something you know nothing about and bring helpless lives into this world with out researching first? and then think about the idea at least a dozen times before making that un-needed mistake. This is JMO and not meant to be little anyone, I just think people need to stop and think. I am a Yorkshire Terrier breeder (very small in home) and before I ever bought my first Yorkie I studied the breed four years first and talked with many many professional breeder/handlers before making my final decission.
I have a very tight contract for all of my babies leaving my home and require many references and questions to be answered before placing one of my babies. And if for any reason one of my babies can't be kept by the adopted family that puppy must be returned to me. I brought them into this world, they are my responsiblity even after they are adopted, and I take that responsiblity very seriously.
8/19/2008 2:13:01 PM
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Goldens are plauged with genetic problems they have high rates of hip and elbow dysplasia not to mention heart, eye and high rates of cancer you should go to to learn more