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Current Replies for summertime with dogs
7/15/2008 11:46:41 AM
Posts: 2
I have two dogs. Rocco and Stella are four year old mutt puppies, and they are still as crazy as ever. Despite all my efforts, Rocco still barks and Stella will just about lick you to death as shes jumping on you. They fool the obedience trainers, HAHA! I can ramble on and on about my dogs and perhaps I will at another point, but I got excited to actually make a post because I stumbled on something kind of neat! We had bought some Foldtuks, which became my favorite bakeware. Then I realized when we were traveling with the dogs, that I could bring it along as a traveling water bowl! The cool thing is that its air tight and when we are done with it, it collapses for just really easy storage. I mean, we take the dogs everywhere with us on all sorts of trips and now all I can think about is the beach!!! LOL!
7/16/2008 5:43:56 AM
Posts: 409
Great idea! I'm always looking for good travel gear. Where did you get them?
7/16/2008 6:33:26 AM
Posts: 55
I love getting new ideas! Where did you find them? Also, have you ever tried the Buddy Bowl? It will not spill! I love it for traveling. You can turn it upside down and no's great!