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Current Replies for Bullous Pemphigoid
7/13/2008 3:31:36 PM
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I was out of town this past week and my roomate called me asking permission to take my 2 year old Beagle/bassett mix to the vet because of excessive drooling and an abnormally red tongue. She saw the vet and he suggested it may be a case of Bullous Pemphigoid.

She has been prescribed an antibiotic to prevent secondary infection and a steroid to supress the immune system. Basically what was said was that her immune system is attacking some antibody that shes developed. She is acting completely normal, eating normally, etc. shes just drooling a lot and it looks like a little bit of blistering on her tongue.

I have to see the vet in the morning to talk about biopsy and long term treatment which obviously I will do but I can barely find any information this online and was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience? and may possibly be able to give me some insight to this disease?
7/14/2008 2:11:23 PM
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Here's one site I found. I don't have any first hand knowledge about this disorder.

7/16/2008 5:07:16 PM
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I had a dog with a similar condition(pemphigus foliaceous). It is similar in that the body's immune system attacks it's own parts (in this case, the skin). We started with a topical steroid treatment which didn't work, and then ended up with prednisone. The doses had to be increased to the point that my dog was suffering. If we weaned down the steroid, her skin would flare up and blister so badly that chunks of skin would fall off. We tried for 5 months and spent over $2000 in treatment. In the end, her case was too bad and we had her put to sleep.

The good news... I had a friend with a Weimaraner that had Bullous Pemphigoid and he made it through and is about 10 years old now!!
8/11/2008 2:01:17 PM
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Here are a couple of sites that I found information regarding Bullous Pemphigoid. From what I understand it is a diease that affects people more often that animal, but it causes alot of the same symptoms and is chronic. Hope these help you out alittle Terri
9/20/2008 11:14:24 AM
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I have a 6yo Weimaraner that was diagnosed right around the same time as your dog. However the condition was much more severe as I spent a week treating an ear infection before obtaining the correct diagnosis from a different vet. How is your dog doing? What treatment are you using?