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Current Replies for PLEASE!!!! HELP MY PUG
7/13/2008 11:26:42 AM
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I have a 2 year old Pug cloyee about a month ago I started noticing rash rashy breakouts underneath her in the creases of her legs. I started using hydocortisone cream on the areas and switched her shampoo to a all natural tea tree oil, aloe vera based thats for hot spots and skin conditions. Since than I have noticed that she is starting to itch more than often and her coat is starting to get very patchy in spots. I dont know what to do I have read lots of differnet things it what could be on the internet (fleas,mange,etc.) But I just dont know!!!!She has the sythoms of mange and the more I read up on it people spend hundreds to thousands of dollars taking there pet to the vet and only getting antibotics that work for awhile and than the mange comes back. i was wondering if there is more natural not so spendy method to trying to solve this promblem. Cloyee is current on all of her shots. Please help if you can.
7/13/2008 8:04:17 PM
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Take your dog to a vet.

Serena Galloway
IGCA rescue Colorado

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7/14/2008 6:27:59 AM
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Could be a lot of things
Mange there are 2 types
Sarcoptic somewhat easy to treat..revolution.. or dips and or ivomec injections
Demodex More complicated.. because it is a immune issues.. but treatment consits of oral meds.. for secondary issues.. and meds to kill off the parasite..

BOTH need to be diagnosed by a vet.. one treatement for one type does not get the other.. all the medications that work are by perscription only.. not over the counter.. sorry..

From what you describe.. mange would not be the first thing that comes to mind.. one because of the dogs age.. two where it is located.. it is far more likely that your dog has a Allergy..either food.inhalent..and now has a more serious bactieral or fuungal skin infection that treatment with the right medication will clear..

The truth is.. off to a vet.. get your dog diagnosed.. Topical treatments, creams shampoos (tea tree oil can cause skin issues to worsen BTW) often do not issues need a propper diagnosis and treatment plan with approperate diet, medications, and often systemic meds not topical treatment.. With all skin issues.. secondary infection is common..and failure to treat this makes the skin issues worse.. The end result is.. your dog needs a A propper diagnosis and treatment plan. this may completly solve your dogs problem.. so why wait any longer?? you have tried some simple cures and they have not worked.. so now it is time to see what can be done.. the longer one waits on skin issues the more complicated it becomes to cure..

You do not even have a diagnosis.. so stop worring about how many thousands of dollars it will cost.. you may be worring about nothing.. and keeping your dog from effective treatment..

7/14/2008 2:07:16 PM
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Get her to a vet. The longer you wait the worse she will feel.
7/14/2008 3:41:19 PM
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Hey there! I am a veterinary technician and have worked in small animal medicine for the past 15 years. I know you probably don't want to hear this, but you really should take your little buddy to the veterinarian. Skin problems are some of the most common problems I see everyday, itching and hair loss are common symptoms. Ususally mange is not the cause (although in does occur, but I would even call it rarely seen). More common is allergies, fleas, and then secondary bacterial infections that result from the inflammation and itching. There is a wide range of skin problems that may occur that all display the same symptoms.... so seeing the vet is really the only way to truly see whats going on. Usually an office visit runs between 30-60 dollars, and meds about the same, depending on the problem. Some tests may be necessary to see what the problem is, but usually these diagnostics are realitivly inexpensive, if they are needed at all.
If you don't already have a vet, look up the American Animal Hospital Association for a referral, any clinic that belongs to this organization is practicing top notch medicine and adheres to high standards of care. If money is of concern, there is a credit card just for vet bills that has no interest for up to a year. You can apply online at
I hope this helps some! Skin problems are really common, mange is not as common as most people think, and Pugs are predisposed to skin issues! Good luck.
8/11/2008 2:16:15 PM
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Amanda, very well said, price should not be the first thing a person worries about when they haven't even got an idea of what the problem is. And I wish that more people would understand as you said " Topical treatments, creams shampoos (tea tree oil can cause skin issues to worsen BTW) often do not work". I have seen so many poor animals suffer because the owners thought they could treat a problem when in reality they have only made it worse by not knowing what they were doing. I guess it all comes down to a statement I read when I first started breeding... " Think first... Would you treat a problem your child has before you seen your ped. doctor" ?
My hat goes off to you for telling this person not to panic before seeing his/her vet. And for explaining that Tea Tree oil can be a cause of other skin problems. Terri