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Current Replies for Re: Scams, part two
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8/9/2008 9:51:12 PM
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In addition, I also recently received this email that I chose not to respond to, as it rang warning bells for me:


This is Shelly Davids and l will like to know if you still have a puppy forsales and it will be nice if you could get back to me with the types of breeds that you have available and also let me know if its female or male and get back to me with the final price for puppy,and the types of payment you will like to take for them right.

Note ; l can only make payment by cashiers check okay.
please try to understand and let me know,how much you care for the puppy and how playful they are becus l have a Big yard.

Honest is the best things in life.

I hope to hear back from you Asap.

Shelly Davids."

Just hoping that sharing these emails will help all of us in fighting off all of the scams that seem to go along with being a breeder who has info out there on the internet.
5/18/2009 6:14:39 AM
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I also have gotten the "scam" e-mail about Bulldogs for sale someone has died and they need to sell for family member. I have also had the deaf relay call twice. I have a deaf son so when I took the call from deaf relay I knew they were not deaf. Deaf people sentances are different then ours.
10/2/2009 8:01:37 AM
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Can the administrator please respond back to me. I have paid for a membership but never received an activation e-mail...the site says it has sent one but I never receive it. I have sent e-mails and do not get a reply. I would appreciate any help they could give. Lorie
11/2/2009 8:16:24 AM
Posts: 6
An example of a scam came to me in email from this site. <> This is their email address. They say they are "Giving Out" their Yorkie puppy for adoption at no cost. That might be the way they say it in Africa, where most scams I get seem to originate.. This one says she cant keep a puppy in KY. I bet she doesnt know where KY is. Then they go into key words like teacup, registered, well socialized, had all shots, etc. Their English is never good. Any puppy from an expensive breed being given away should be a red flag and a list a mile long of good things like had all shots, etc for free should really make people skeptical, unless the person can back it up. They often copy and paste a cute picture on their ads too- from a real legitimate breeder! If you contact them, you will find that they MUST have the puppy shipped by their agent and you must pay the agents shipping fee -which is where they scam you, get your money, and you never get a puppy. Sometimes I toy with them by saying I live close by whatever state they claim to be in, and will just drive out and pick my puppy up. That gets them worried and they simply cant have me drive- to get it free. It must be shipped! ha
11/29/2009 11:56:45 AM
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I have recieved the same call twice this month from a man calling himself Mr. Smith. Real immagination there. I told them he had to fill out the questionaire on my site in full and that I would not deliver a puppy to anyone but the new owner unless I could verify who and where he was and unless the funds were paid in full through pay pal or an acceptable credit card. I never heard back.
8/3/2010 12:42:07 PM
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I have received scams for years from both my postings for dogs and my horses. The latest ones are using American names. They will tell you they live somewhere in the USA, they have kids, love animals, etc. The red flags will be; very bad English or grammer. Then they will tell you they have a personal shipper that will come get the dog and ship it to them.

They always want your personal contact information, and do not ask anything about the individual pups, lines, temperament, health guarantee, etc.

They may ask about a price, but will respond favorably to any price you put (I have done that, but then I keep asking for THEIR personal information...after a couple of these emails, they will move on.) I do it because I want them to know I know what they are, and if they are legit (which has never been the case) you have not offended anyone. Most of these scams are coming out of Nigeria, or some other part of Africa. I went to school with a girl from Nigeria and she told me that they have buildings with floor after floor, full of computers...and that is what they do to get money, just like "you people in the USA sell drugs". Even the kids on the streets are good at it. Most of these types of emails involve people trying to "give you" huge sums of $, from a lost relative or some other scenario. They are just trying to appeal to peoples greed. But, she said if you "get real nasty" with them and tell them you have their 4 1 9 (their location), they will back off.

They just want any contact and personal information they can get on you. DO NOT give them any personal contact information!

Apparently there are avenues they are aware of that "nonhackers" don't know about where they can use this information.Billie Sumrell
Breeding Outstanding 10-12" (Jack)Russell terriers since 1989
AAS in Veterinary Technology 1977
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