West Highland White Terrier Questions

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West Highland White Terrier

West Highland White Terrier Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 1/30/2005
Do you know how long a Westie is in heat for? My dog Sassy is in heat now?

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11/28/10 "heat" can vary each time they come in. On average they are in early heat for 7 to 9 days when they attract male dogs but wont allow breeding. The next stage from 7 to 15 days they are attracting males and will allow a or many males to breed and then about another 7 days when they are "going out," still attractive to males but wont alolow breeding. I have had them stand for breeding as early as the 6th day and as late as the 28th day after showing the first signs of heat so you cant just go by the calendar. Be very careful as female dogs will try to sneak out the door in search of a male and wont always come when called when they are in heat. They often get hit by cars or lost during this time. Male dogs have been known to go through windows and claw up doors to get to a female dog in heat. If shes not a top quality representative of her breed spaying is the safest and most responsible thing to do for both her and the males who are attracted to her and get lost, injured fighting over h Laurel
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