Tibetan Spaniel Questions

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Tibetan Spaniel

Tibetan Spaniel Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 7/18/2004
No info was provided on this dog. Do you have the usual info (size, disposition, care, weight, trainability, etc.)?

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12/5/04 Breed standard for show Tibbies: 10 inches tall, 9 to 14 lbs,however many only reach 5-8 lbs as well as some go well over up to the 20 lbs size. Reserved, Calm,Quiet breed,more catlike. Love high spots to lay on. Most have an exceptional fondness with children.Very smart, dignified,aloof w/strangers at 1st, but warm up quickly.They are bright cheerful breed and typically very quiet. No grooming on this breed,simply wash,brush and go.Not typical shedders, they generally only shed out their coat twice a year. Males tend to shed even less and have an uncanny calm and gentle nature more so than females. They are excellent at agility, tracking and other training required sports.They are very clean,no-doggy odor and easier to housetrain than many small breeds AS
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