Samoyed Questions

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Samoyed Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 7/7/2005
I got her yesterday from a dog shelter. Apparently, she is a mix because she looks like a samoyed with the tell-tale chow chow tongue. My question is she is about a year old and very well trained, but she seems to know her name and she is not responding to any other name. How can I help her become comfortable with a name that suits her. I am unfamiliar with the samoyed breed, but after just 16 hours, I can see they are very intelligent and loving. Should I have her Spayed or should I research breeding her, there are no breeders in this area? Any help in this will be greatly appreciated, she is a wonderful dog and I am so happy we have her.

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7/20/05 It will take her a little while but continue to call her by whatever new name you give her. After not hearing her old name and just her new name she will eventually come to know her new name and respond to it. DONNA