Siberian Husky Questions

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Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 8/1/2007
My husband and I have always dreamed of having a siberian Husky for a family dog, but we don't know what it entails to oen one. My husband has had experience owning a dog as a child but not a Siberian Husky and I never had a dog. We now have two small children, and my 3 yr old son wants a puppy and we are sure our daughter will want one as soon as she's able to talk. In any case, we currently live in NY and plan to move to FL. Can anyone give us advice on whether it is a smart choice to own a Siberian Husky in FL. We would obviously keep the dog indoors and take him out in the evening or early morning when the temps are not too hot. Does anyone not recommend us having a Siberian Husky. In that case is there a dog breed that is generally recommended for areas with warmer climates? Please contact me at the email provided. Thank you.

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9/19/07 Hello, Siberian Huskies do well in Florida. I have had one that has lived almost 9 years outside. He is a Husky-Mix and has a lot of hair to be kept indoors. As long as you don't shave him or her, the Husky will do well. You can go to my site at and see what I have to say about Huskies in Florida. There are also many educational links on my site. JOSE... Jose
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8/9/08 If you are going to keep the dog inside it will be fine. Shirley
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2/15/10 I have three huskys and we live in florida and my huskys are fine they sleep outside on the patio in our cooler months and in the summer they come in a little bit more, My one huskys likes to lay in my pool on the top step. they adjust to the weather. Mine are very happy. Lydia Lydia
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