Siberian Husky Questions

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Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 11/19/2006
Hi. My 1 year old male Husky is very choosy when it comes to eating. I've tried few brands but each time he stops eating after a few days. Now I have to feed dry food in the day and wet canned food at nights (different flavors every day)just to keep him interested. This habit is starting to pass on my other Husky- 5 month old female (not sibbling/related). Is this normal? What can I do to ensure he eats normally- one type, dry prefferably?

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11/21/06 Well, I can tell you my 2 year old male "Buster" gets picky and will not eat for days. He goes the the vet, they say he is fine. During this duration I try to get him moving around some. I feel that maybe stimulating his appetite more by running his metabolism up seems to help. When he is hungry he eats. Another thing you can do that we have done with Buster is add a cup of water to his dry food as the foord absorbs the water it softens the food and my dogs fight over bowls left in the rain! Or stick to the same brand and mix a little gravy in to entice your Sibe! Hope my remedy for mine will help! Ed Glovers Buster Edward
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12/14/06 Typically switching brands constantly will cause more picky behavior rather then help it. Choose a good quality premium dry kibble and stick with it. Try adding a little warm water, small amount of chicken broth & water or mix some canned food with a touch of warm water in the dry and mix well. Don't make it soupy, just enough to wet all the food. Also, your dog may only need one meal a day. If you are feeding a good premium food, like ProPlan or Nutro, Eagle or such, you should be able to only feed 2-3 cups of food a day, once a day. We have 26 Siberians and most of them eat one meal a day after they are a year old, and stay in a good, healthy weight. Sheri
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