Siberian Husky Questions

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Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 7/6/2004
I live in texas and I just shaved my husky.The shedding situation in the house was intolerable. Did I do something terrible? He is mostly indoors.

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8/20/04 Sorry about the long delay answering.. With any dog out doors it never a good idea to shave them 1 it causes sunburn and 2 the fur helps to insulate them some from the heat. All huskies shed twice a year most notably in the spring the again in the fall to a lesser amount. The fur will grow back but it will take time also with shaving them if it turns cool they risk hyperthermia for the lack of fur .To help with the problem inside bath them once a week for two weeks when they start shedding in the spring use warm water this helps lossen the fur and also helps to remove all shedding fur also constant combing and brushing are nessacary to help with indoor fur ..As you may know huskies are a very clean breed and only need bathing when shedding or if they get into something they should of ie skunk ect .. Thanks for asking and sorry about being so long repling We have been on the road showing and just returned Wes Wes
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