Rhodesian Ridgeback Questions

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Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian Ridgeback Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 1/2/2005
Can they be shown in agility?

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4/1/05 Yes, they can be shown in agility. They do quite well in fact. I am currently training one of our males for agility. Another good event for the rhodesian ridgebacks is lure coursing. If you have any more questions you can email me at deepsouthkennels@bellsouth.net or you can also visit the RRCUS website: www.rrcus.org. GOOD LUCK!!! Derek
Deep South Kennels
7/21/05 Rhodesian can be shown in conformation, obedience, luring, agility, herding & coursing.. Alyson Alyson
Mandela's Amandla Ridgebackz
7/21/05 Rhodesians can be shown in agility, conformation, obedience, luring, herding & coursing.. and with some patients can do great.. they enjoy being challenged and using their minds from bordom Alyson Alyson
Mandela's Amandla Ridgebackz