Rhodesian Ridgeback Questions

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Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian Ridgeback Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 7/22/2004
My parents are thinking of taking home a Rhodesian Ridgeback that was picked up from the police and is 1 year old. Only my parents live at home and they both work from about 9am-6pm but they still want a dog that they can come home to, go jogging with, and to add another member to our family. I feel that RR's are very high maintnence and that he is more of a hunting dog than a member of the family (my family treated our last dog like she was another person living in the house except for the million kisses she got every day). Our last dog was a Chesapeak Bay Retriever and she was pretty lazy but fun to be around and always brightened our days and she was perfect...knowing this, would getting a Rhodesian Ridgeback be a good idea?

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12/9/05 Ridgebackz adapt very well to all life styles. They would rather hunt in their sleep on the sofa. They ar very much a pack dog and need to be with a loving family. They are very easy to train and look after. Personally it sounds like a great loving home to me. And better yet a great home for a rescue pup Good Luck Alyson
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