Pomeranian Questions

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Pomeranian Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 8/6/2006
Hi, I have a 3 yr old female pomeranian named Jemma that has been through a false pregnancy before but this time she is acting different. I was wondering if this is another false pregnancy. She is acting very sulky and just wants hugs and attention. She sleeps alot more than usual. She has also been eating a lot more. Her tummy has gone tight and firm. Her nipples haven't swollen yet though. And her belly has no sign of a bulge but it has increased in size a little bit. I heard that if she is having one puppy she may not have a bulge is this true? She would be about 4 weeks into the pregnancy. This would be her first litter. Thank-you if you have any advice it would be appreciated.

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8/6/06 Remember, dogs carry for approx 63 days. Has her appetite increased? Unfortunately, when a dog goes through a false preg. the symptoms are all the same as a true preg. I would recommend you taking your pommie to the vet for an examination...they should be able to feel a puppy if there is one. I always have my poms either ultrasound or x-ray depending upon the circumstances. Deb
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