Mastiff Questions

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Mastiff Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 3/20/2005
Are Mastiffs droolers? If so, how bad? Similar to a St. Bernard? Are they considered "wet-mouth" dogs?

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3/21/05 Does not compare to St. Bernards. Mastiffs drool after drinking water or if they are panting really hard from playing. At least that is how my mastiffs are and its nothing a swipe with their towel won't get. Tosha
Smiths Country Mastiffs
3/27/05 Some Mastiffs really do, the bigger the head and flues, the more drool.... my females do not drool quite as bad, but the slime in the bottom of the bowl gets pretty thick, and they will NOT drink their own spit. but as for the "Hooch" look, that is usually only on hot days, or when you entice them with food. Gail & Terry
Cypress Run Mastiffs
12/17/05 I have 8 mastiffs in my houseand they do not walk about droolong , thay only drool after drinking or if you are feeding them treats sharon
Island West Mastiff