Mastiff Questions

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Mastiff Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 2/5/2008
I have read that a diet high in protein and low in fat is essential for a Mastiffs healthy joints, tendons, and bones. How accurate is this information, and could you recommend a brand.

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4/14/08 The most important thing is that mastiffs are grown SLOW. They will grow to a man's size in just a year and the food should be premium and geared toward the giant breeds-which means LOWER in both protein and fat. The food should also contain glucosomine and chondroiton-with a balance of omega 3 and omega 6. Mastiff pups should be OFF puppy food by 8 weeks-sooner if they are showing symptoms (I had a pup whose feet were turning in because the ligaments couldn't keep up with the bone growth from puppy food!) I personally use PMI for large breeds. It is made by Purina (although you couldn't tell it by the bag) and the ingredients are almost identical to their giant breed formula. It's sold in feed stores for 15 dollars a bag LESS than their giant formula, and every 7th bag is free with their promotion. I know everyone has their preferred brand-but months of research led me to this particular one. Deb Deborah
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