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Mastiff Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 11/20/2004
my question is when breeding do you have to brred fawn or apricot to a brindle, or is it ok to breed brindle to brindle? like fawn to fawn?when looking into kennels and puppies I have noticed the sire and dam are never both brindles.Is ther a reason or is this just personal choice?

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11/21/04 You can breed brindle to brindle together, however when you do that you are doubling up on the Brindle gene. This means that you have a 50% chance of producing double brindles. Double brindles will only be able to produce brindles no matter what color do that you breed them to. That is the main reason why people don't breed brindle to brindle as often as breeding brindles to other colors. You don't have to breed brindles to any other color, but you will only produce brindle puppies when breeding a brindle. Fawns and Apricots can not produce brindles. Gwen
11/24/04 When Breeding Brindle to Brindle you do get a other colors.The majority of puppies should be brindle but you will get a solid or to.There are a couple of breedings happening soon that are brindle to brindle.St patricks and I know the Lionheart does alot of brindle to brindle breedings. It is really hard to lock in the brindle gene Lionheart has finally locked a female in after at least 10 or more years of breeding got a female to produce all brindles.SO it is harder than one thinks to lock in the brindle gene.When breeding your pedigree and type come first if it happens to be a brindle to brindle breeding so be it.Never pick a stud dog by color only.I personally like a dark brindle dog but to each his own.Most mastiff people get fawns it is what you see most in the shows. Lisa
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2/27/05 We have a brindle to brindle litter coming up March 19th. Double brindles tend to be more black with very little spricot or fawn stipes in it. I think a lot of it depends on what the breeder is wanting in a litter as far as what they breed to what. Katie Katie
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5/11/05 This funny I bred my Brindle girl to a fawn now she is out of a double brindle and got all fawn and 2 apricots. Now i bred my fawn girl to a brindle boy and got all brindles....LOL Go figure. So the male we used is brindle dominent Lisa
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