Mastiff Questions

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Mastiff Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 3/29/2007
We have a wonderful 5 mos. French Mastiff. She has given us no problems and has become a loving member of our family. I'm thinking of breeding her but have very little knowledge, any helpful hints???

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4/20/07 At five months old this is a good time to start to research about breeding and what it REALLY takes. By the time she is two you may have a different opinion about the whole idea. PLEASE do not breed her before she is two. Also make sure she does not have defects that will pass to her puppies. Gail & Terry
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7/29/07 Breeding is not to be taken into lightly. The only reason to breed is betterment of the breed, if your dog has a lot to offer the breed and it has passed all its health testing, you need to talk to a breeder that can help you with the process. Please see read the article on this website first before you do anything: Mary
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