Mastiff Questions

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Mastiff Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 9/9/2006
I rescued my 2nd mastiff,she is the love of my life.I need some info on ear wax. She has thick black ear wax (like glue and very sticky)I have one ear cleared up but cant seem to clear the other one. I use a solution I got from a breeder on line,it works great except for that one side. If any mastiff owners had this problem with their mastiff and cleared it up for them could you please help me out? I live in Sutton,Ma. I would greatly appritiate it and DEJA my BRINDLE girl would also,your masiff friend,LISA thank you

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9/12/06 Hi Lisa, From what you are describing I would guess she has an ear infection. The black/brown discharge should have an order too. You need to take her to a vet and have it cultured. It could be bacteria or yeast and needs the specific meds. Once you get it cleared up via the meds the stuff you are using now can be used preventatively. Ears can be such a pain (litteraly!) One of my girls needs constant ear maintenance, she's 10 and her ears have been a pain since day one. One other thing to think about is food. I put Maggie (my ear problem girl) on a raw diet and her ears completely cleared up. So, with her I'm sure the infection is triggered by a food alergy. Something to think about. Good luck with Deja! Lorette Lorette
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9/12/06 Typo! Her ear should have an odor (not order!) just wanted to clarify. Lorette Lorette
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2/25/07 Our Misty also has simialr problems. Her cause is water getting into her ear. When she drinks her water she likes to dip almost her whole head into the water. Solved that by changing the opening of her drinking bucket. Also when you give bath's put cotton into ear. This solved our problem. Bill
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