Mastiff Questions

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Mastiff Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 5/7/2006
I just got a 10 week old mastiff and it seems he is hungry all the time. How much is too much?

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5/12/06 First I would check with his/her breeder and see how much they were feeding as a starting point. Make sure you are feeding a very high quality large breed food and follow the recommendations on the bag. Then as your puppy grows as an average a male pup will gain between 10-15lbs per month, a female 8-12. It's always better to stay towards the thinner side (meaning you can see the last two or three ribs). It's also good to feed your puppy two or three meals a day rather than one large meal. Mastiff puppies eat a lot of dog food, it slows down when they are adults but expect a large food bill for the next 12 months! Hope this helps a bit. Good luck with your new pup. Lorette Lorette
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