Mastiff Questions

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Mastiff Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 2/8/2006
i am looking at pictures of pups. the apricots seem to have dark shading to them will this lighten or even out as they get older. they are only six days. also do the bigest puppies become the biggest dogs? thanks!!

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2/11/06 Your breeder should be able to explain this, if not, you may not be looking at a good breeder!!!! The pigment in puppies is different at birth through 6-8 weeks, they may have a dark stripe or "puppy fuzz" when born. This will shed, and the puppy may actually darken or deepen with age up to 3 years. As far as size, it goes more in depth with bone structure than actual size. A larger puppy may be thin boned and grow faster and may never get great bone mass. Again, your breeder should be able to see this and recommend which one will be the size you are trying for. Remember, bigger does not always mean better, they need more diligent care! Gail & Terry
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