Mastiff Questions

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Mastiff Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 12/27/2005
I have two female English Mastiffs. As of Dec 23 they are 14 months old. They have argued a few times while in heat, but WERE getting along fine. If we separate them, they get depressed. If, during a heat, we keep them together they have been growling and lunging towards each other. This weekend, they got into a fight. One was left with a bleeding wound to the mouth. Should we separate them permanently, or just during their heat?

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12/27/05 Is there a reason you aren't spaying them? It may help a lot if at the very least one of them was spayed. Keep in mind, they are just becoming "teenagers" and will be testing the waters again and again for pack leadership. You may want to keep the separated if that's possible in your home. Please keep in mind that any dog can seriously hurt you if you end up in the middle of thier fight. You might want to look up some info on how to "safely" separate fighting dogs. There is a web-site that has some really good info in it on separating dogs and answers some questions regarding why dogs fight. This guy is very direct so be prepared... Hope that helps! Lorette Lorette
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12/29/05 mastiffs are same sex agressive when in heat it can get deadly. If you are not planning to breed than spade them both. one spaded and one not will not help the problem. and when they are about to come in heat keep them away from each other. I have a alpha female and she has to be kept from all my other dogs when she is in heat; otherwise she is a love. hope this helps good luck lori
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12/29/05 You said this weekend they got into a fight but you did not say if either of them were in heat? If they are fighting and neither is in heat or pregnant than they need to be spayed or separated permanently. Mastiffs are not usually aggressive dogs but females when in heat or pregnant can be deadly to each other. And once they have a serious fight you can bet there will be more. Christin