Maltese Questions

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Maltese Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 3/8/2007
My puppy weighs 3 pounds and he is only 8 weeks. His tummy feels a little big. Is he overweight? How much should I be feeding him? Thank you!

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3/11/07 Hi, If your puppy is a purebred Maltese and already weighs 3 pounds at only 8 weeks, he will very likely be well over the weight for the breed standard. The rule of thumb is 2x the weight at 12 wekks of age. By the way, Maltese should never be sold until age 12 weeks as they mature quite slowly. You should also check to see if your puppy has worms. I recommend the boraod spectrum wormer that kills 5 types at once. As far food, they should always have dry kibble available and wet food once per day. IMO Have you had him to a vet yet? Hope that helps. Tammyof Silverbrook maltese Tammy
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