Mi-Ki Questions

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Mi-Ki Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 3/1/2005
Do Mi-Kis retain an open fontenal on top of their skull? I have a 13 week very small female and although the breederclaims it is normal, my vet is concerned. Thanks for any information. kim

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3/19/05 Hi KiM: Yes, this is normal with many small breed dogs. Your vet should know this. It may close by the time they are 8 months. If not it will be smaller. They are like our baby's with the soft spot on the top of the head when born. They close by the time they are a year old. This is not a concern Denise Denise
11/2/05 Hello Kim; I have been in the Mi-Ki since 1992. I have not had an open fontenal at all durning my entire history in the breed. I think your vet DOES HAVE a concern. since your pup is almost 4 months of age. I have has tiny pups too, and never had this problem. Donna