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Mi-Ki Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 12/18/2004
What is a good shampoo or conditioner to use for mats on ankles? What is a good way to get your Mi-Ki to let you cut his nails?

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12/25/04 We like Pantene shampoo and conditioner. If you bathe the dog frequently you can dilute the shampoo 50% with water. If the conditioner seems to heavy for your dog's coat, you can cut it 50% with water, too! Your puppy will get better each time you do their nails. You have to be patient but firm. You can hold the dog with one arm. Place your forearm under the puppy so that all four legs straddle your arm. Grasp the paw firmly in the hand and hold one toe between a finger and thumb. Apply slight pressure to the toe. Use a very sharp nail cutter. If your blade is dull, it will not cut well and cause the dog pain. Cut the nail quickly and cleanly. Don't hesitate half way through. Some nails may bleeed. There are products on the market, such as quick stop, that clot the bleeding. Each time you shorten the nails, the vein will pull back and eventually only bleed when you have shortened the nails too much. Some puppies will get very upset and try to jerk away. They may be frightened a RUTHIE
2/22/05 I prefer using a shampoo specially designed for dogs as the PH is different for dogs compared to humans and I don't recommend using human shampoo on your Mi-Kis. You could try an oatmeal based shampoo. As far as mats on the ankles, you should try to get those out before bathing as getting them wet only makes them worse. I leave the nail trimming to the groomer, so good luck to you! I hate that part of it, but it sure looks good when the groomer does it! Tiffany
Majestic Mi-Kis
11/2/05 I am a retired profestional groomer, and in the Mi-Ki since 1992. I little known secret to remove mats on the ankles is to use baby oil. Soak the matt, then carefully use a fine tooth wire hound comb. Start at the outer edge of the matt, and comb towards you. DO NOT go to the skin and tug or pull trying to comb out the matt. You could split the dog's skin open. Just be slow, and careful, and start at the outer edge of the matt. You will see how easily the oil works. Then give your bath. Nails: Most Mi-Ki's will let you cut their nails BUT if the breeder or you cut the nails too close causing the nail to bleed, the dog remembers the experience. Wrap your dog in a heavy bath towel, then take one foot out at a time, and cut that foot. It's easier to start with the back feet first. Take your time and reassure your dog. Have a treat handy. Only give the treat if the dog acts good. Do Not give a treat if the dog acts up, grows, or tries to bite, because then the dog is getting reward Donna