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Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 7/30/2005
My lhasa just had 8 pure bred pups.I am told that is unheard of for this type of dog is this true and how many do they normally have? Her last litter was 6 pups.

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8/1/05 It is a large litter. I have known Lhasa bitches that have produced 10 before. 5 to 6 is more of the norm for a lhasa apso. Nothing to be alarmed about. Just make sure that with that many puppies that you are making sure all of them are getting an adequate amount of milk. The first 3 weeks are very crucial and sometimes there is not enough milk for all the puppies. Even though there may be enough tits not all of them produce and abundance of milk. I sleep right next to them the first couple of weeks to make sure everything is ok and they are all getting what they need. Even if lhasa mom thinks I am weird :) Dea
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1/18/06 Hi there~ Yes, that is not the norm, but I do have 8 babies from alot of my mom's and 11 from one specific mommy. They all live but one or two and reman healthy. I like moms to have no more than 5 babies becuase htey all end up bieng roly polies and I have little fear of losing any usually. I agree, just keep them all warm and check each to be sure their tummies are full often throughout the day. Denise
Spooner's Lhasa Babies
4/26/06 How much fun!!!My Penny just had six pups 2 mo. ago and she needed help cleaning them since the nursing took all her energy, so I was up 2-3 times nightly to swab bottoms...be sure your pups are not restless and make the usual murmuring sounds. You may need to help wash their bottoms since Mommy may lose track of who she cleaned and who she didn't...weigh everyday to be sure they gain weight (and have eaten enough) Genie
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