Lhasa Apso Questions

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Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 10/22/2004
I have fout children I have fallen in love with my sisters Lhasa. I've heard people say that they are not good for kids and other people say that they are great with kids. Any help?

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2/18/05 HI there Mom of 4! Me too! Lhasa Apso's can be wonderful with children if they are raised aorund children. this is the key. I have grandchildren as well and I highly socialized all our Lhasa puppies around our younger ones. All my Lhasa pups love children becuase they were raised with them, loved by them and prespoiled by them. A Lhasa that has not been around children can be dangerous, do your research as with any breed of pet. Bless your puppy search! Denise
Spooner's Lhasa Babies
6/7/05 I have to agree with Denise! I have 2 boys at home (1 very hyperactive) and 3 grandchildren. My Lhasas are great with them all. A responsible owner teaches their Lhasa to love and respect children as little people. My male Lhasa does not especially like small children, so he simply leaves the room when they are around. If he can't get away he has been trained to "grin and bear it". We have rewarded him for good behavior and he responds with the like. Be observant of dog behaviour when they are young and teach them (as well as your children) to be patient and caring. It is a most rewarding experience. Charla
Campbells' Little Lhasas
7/13/05 I also agree, Lhasas are WONDERFUL with kids. The key is make sure the Lhasa is raised with the kids and has time to get used to them. I raised 4 kids with a Lhasa and he was great with them. He watched over them when they played and warned me when they were getting in trouble or if any strangers came around. Have you found a puppy yet? If you havent let me know we just had a litter of adorable puppies born. Email me at lotsa_lhasa_love@yahoo.com or call me at 228-547-9639. Lisa Boothe Lisa