Lhasa Apso Questions

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Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 8/6/2006
What is a good srategy to persude a father to let me buy a lhasa apso puppy (i have plently of money and the sweetest lhasa puppy picked out at the pet store)but the only problem is we already have two other dogs (you are allowed four in our area) so thats not the issue, but ow do i convince him to get a third, i mean if you are alredy caring for two ohters what is one more, there is always plently of love to go around. i just can' bear to let the perfect lhasa puppy slip right through my hands when i have the resources to buy and care for her, just not the permission! please i need all the help i can get even if your not sure im open to anything, looking forward to reading your replys, thanks a million, this means alot!

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8/8/06 Dearest Friend: Thank you for your open-heartedness regarding this puppy. Your father knows best what resources your family has that can be contributed to another pet...it is never a good idea to get another Family Member unless everyone agrees to it! So many of us here understand your eagerness and love for animals! You will find when you are able to have your own home that making this kind of decision is serious and sacred. Your father makes decisions about your home after he considers what is best for everyone he is already responsible for...this includes the legal responsibilities to the community where you live. A Lhasa Apso would want you to practice being a patient and kindly person until the time is right! May you have peace and contentment in your life today. Genie
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