Lhasa Apso Questions

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Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 3/2/2006
Is arthritis common in Lhasa Apsos? Would a DNA test show that arthritis is present? My male does not show signs of arthritis but was wondering what the possiblities of his pups having arthritis? Thank you.

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3/4/06 Arthritis is common in older dogs of any breed. As far as your male passing bad genes onto his puppies, you should know your dog’s pedigree before you breed him. Every breed has health issues that happen in their breed. Lhasa Apso can have anything from Dry Eye to RD (kidney failure.) A lot of times I hear (“well my dog is fine, he does have anything wrong with him.”) just because your Lhasa doesn’t show any health problems does not mean he doesn’t carry them, and he will not pass them onto his pups. So even if your dog is a wonderful example of the breed (which should be proven by a conformation championship.) Even if you are an educated person who studies genetics, health, temperament and structure of the Lhasa Apso Breed. (which you should be in order to even bring a new Lhasa life into the world.) A breeder should be forever seeking knowledge to help them better the breed. Even if you are willing to take back any puppy from a new owner at whatever age for whatever reason they c Dea
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4/26/06 Arthritis is 'common' in all older dog breeds. This is usually a question of "Where"...labradors have arthritis of the hips and elbows and knees...lhasas, shih, tzus, pekes and other tightly compacted dogs develop arthritis of the neck and spine (usually from calcified disc spaces)...there is no test, except to have a good health history of the parent dogs and their lines. Any prematurely affected dog (say, before age 7) should be disqualified from breeding. Genie
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