Labrador Retriever Questions

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Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 11/5/2008
Is there anything to help a Lab thats been overbathed and lost all his oils. Scratching and hair loss.

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8/1/09 First of all, make sure the problem is due to overbathing. Scratching, dry skin and hair loss is a common problem with allergies, flea bite dermetitis and mange. Where is the hair loss? On feet and face? At the base of the tail? Have you checked the dog carefully for fleas? Are they on a monthly flea preventative? How does the skin look where there is hair loss? Red and inflamed? Dry and scaly? If the hair loss is on the feet and face, get the dog to the vet to check for mange. Also look at the dog's food. Many dogs are allergic to corn and wheat, so if the food contains those ingredients you might want to switch to something else. With that resolved, quit bathing the dog. Unless a Lab is truly stinky, if they are dirty it is better to rinse them off rather than using soap on them. Try brushing them gently with a soft bristle brush to help distribute the oils they have through their coat. Supplement their food with yogurt. Also, give them fish oil. You can give this i Karlene
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