Labrador Retriever Questions

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Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 4/12/2004
I have what I think is a pure breed black labrador retreiver (we purchased our puppy form a breeder and paid a hefty sum, we also received papers for him). The puppy is three months old and we have started noticing that he is getting white of silver hairs on his back is this normal for this breed?

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4/12/04 Well how many hairs are like that a whole lot? Has he been in the sun for a long time? Try to get your dogs Pedigree. Kathleen
McSweeney's Kennel
7/28/05 I would have the pup checked however, it sounds to me as though it could be one of 2 simple things. 1) brindling or 2) false breeding. I haven't seen him, and I don't know the amount of area covered, but it isn't proper for a black lab! Contact me if you would like. Glaser's Labradors Karen
Glaser's Labradors
10/3/05 Not true black labs will get white hair you will see choc. and black labs with white chest and some with a white blotch on the tail and some white hairs through out their body. This just means they are not show quality. But do some searchs on the web you will see black labs and choc. labs with white marks. Don't be alarmed unless you bought the pup for show purpose. The white comes out sometimes as the pup grows more and more you will also notice a black and choc. lab will gray and a young age. My choc. start to gray at around 2 and others i know their choc. and blacks start to gray also at that age with the yellows i guess you just don't notice it. Just do some seaches you will find blacks with white marks they are purebred just not show quality. Stacie Stacie
Brown's Labradors
10/3/05 Just to post a link to a site i found of interest some might like to see. Stacie
Brown's Labradors