Labrador Retriever Questions

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Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 1/10/2006
we want to breed from our bitch, second litter. we have a neutered male from her first litter and need to know how to manage them. should he be taken out of the house completely, or is it ok for him to be in the house but away from the puppies? How will she react to having another dog around when dealing with her puppies. What is the risk of infection, he will still need to be taken on walks.

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2/1/06 First why do you want to breed her? Are you willing to lose her to childbirth? If so depending on the personality of the male there should be no problem when she is in heat. How she will react also depends. When the pups are born she will probably be somewhat protective at first, they are all different. You are right in knowing that you do need to protect the puppies from infections. You may want to update her shots and worm her before she comes into heat. Also I hope that she has her clearances as does the stud and they have great personalities. There are so many upwanted dogs of all breeds being abandoned and put to sleep everyday. Deb
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