Havanese Questions

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Havanese Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 2/10/2009
Hello.. I was wondering if anyone has a Havanese like this? Our dog is 1 1/2 yrs old and pretty much since we have gotten her she has been a strange dog. I have never had a dog that when you call her she looks at you (as if to say... uhhh no) and heads the other way. She also acts like your going to beat her and believe me she has never been even yelled at. I know the breeder and her other siblings are friendly and are all over you. She is also very vocal. She hardly ever gives kisses (except to the grandkids). I just don't understand her demeanor. Her father belongs to one of my daughters and he is a sweetheart. The mother belonged to my other daughter and she was very strange too. we think she was maybe mistreated before my daughter got her. She didn't like anyone but my daughter. My dog is litter box trained and never goes on the floor. I just wish I could figure out why she acts to afraid sometimes and so standoffish other times. Any ideas?

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9/12/15 Hi! Often-times you will see this type of behavior in a dog that is first of all stubborn and in addition to that can be naturally very nervous. My recommendation is that you get in touch with a trainer and see about taking her to a class to help boost her confidence and get some more professional training on how to proceed with training her. I had a similar problem with my little Havanese too [it seemed to last through the stubborn teenager phase, 4 months til she was about a year old] Don't panic, you are doing great to notice those little subtleties. ;) I've seen this in other breeds too. One in particular was one where the dog [an Australian Shepherd] was ALWAYS a nervous wreck and although her issues were more severe she was still a sweetheart and most of it just took some time and confidence-building to get over. BRIANNA