Havanese Questions

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Havanese Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 10/14/2004
With regards to Training: 1) What training could you recommend, professional certifications...? 2) skills required?? With regards to Earnings: 1) How many litters could a Havanese breed per year if doing this part-time? What is the typical number of puppies per litter? 2) What is the typical price per Havanese puppy? 3) What is considered feasible with regards to number of puppies one could sell per year? 4) are there costs to consider and if so what are they? With regards to Outlook: 1) is there a niche for havanese dogs/puppies?

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3/23/06 The goal of most reputable breeders is to improve the breed and provide healthy pets. Due to the relative newness of this breed in the US, breeders are being very careful about health testing and selective breeding of only the most healty and best quality Hav's. Due to the expense the health care, testing, AKC showing to confirm breeding stock quality, etc., few breeders do nothing more than cover expenses (if you are lucky!!) If you are interested in proceeding, I would suggest that you contact the Havanese Club of America or a regional Hav club near you. They can guide you along the way. I can tell by your inquiry that you would want to research this venture and make sure you don't proceed without knowing all that you should to be a reputable breeder. Cathy
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