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Havanese Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 8/10/2006
Which is the best puppy food. Our puppy is 3months old (weighs just about 2.5-3lbs). I want to make sure that she gains the proper weight .

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8/18/06 There are a lot of good puppy foods. Go to an independent pet food store, not a grocerty store and talk with one of the clerks there. I feed Wellness. I know a lot of people that feed Natural Balance. Avoid by products and artificial preservatives. Terri
Sedosos Havanese
8/19/06 We successfully feed Nutro Lamb & Rice in the small kibble which we find they digest better. Another food I would consider is the Blue Buffalo you can check out their website at: http://www.bluebuff.com/ Whichever food you ultimately decide on make sure you switch your puppy over gradually - do 1/3 new to 2/3 old for the first week, then 2nd week 2/3 new to 1/3 old so by 3rd week you'll be 100% on the new food. Enjoy your baby! Rose Rose
Cubanitos Havanese
8/22/06 I would have to agree with your previous responses; get your information from a store that sells dogfood, or a vet. You will want to avoid food with a lot of filler items. There are several good lines to choose from. I like to use Nutro Ultra Puppy, and am very happy with it. You can follow the Nutro line into adulthood, (at about 1 year) feeding the Nutro Ultra Adult, or the Nutro Lamb & Rice small bites. Gail Gail
Seantiago Havanese