Havanese Questions

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Havanese Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 1/28/2006
I got a nine week havanese in November. Her ears stand up similar to a Yorkie. Is this common for havanese or will they go back down as she gets older. Her papers identify her as a full breed havanese yet I haven't seen any with their ears up.

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8/22/06 Well, you may have your answer by now as several months have passed...but I had the same thing with one of my girls. In fact her ears were so big and stood up so straight that my son named her "Yoda", after the Star Wars character. Now, I am happy to report, her ears lay down and she is beautiful! (Actually, no-one can understand why we call her Yoda, because she doesn't look like him anymore!) AND, she is definately a pure breed havanese, from excellent lines.... Gail Gail
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